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IGI Global sucks big time!

Posted in Χωρίς κατηγορία by asyropoulos on 17 Σεπτεμβρίου, 2016

Last year someone approached me and aksed me to write a chapter in a forthcoming book. I gladly accepted without being aware of various things. First of all, the publisher was IGI Global who is the only sciene publisher on this planet that does not accept LaTeX sources. This was a disappointment to me. I had to use MS Word to prepare my contribution. The second disappointment came when production tried to process my text. My contribution contained two commutative diagrams and the production team insisted that these should appear as figures! I tried to explain them that the diagrams are some sort of equations but they did not uinderstand. In the end, I had to speak to some sort of manager to resolve the issue.

After I managed to send the final text to production I said to myself that I will not send anything to these people again. However, my email address was added in their mailing lists and so I was receiving emails from them. One day I received an email from some «editor» who wanted to collect articles for the 4th editon of his encyclopedia. At about the same time, a friend of mine wanted to work on a paper. I told him that we could try to send an article to this encyclopedia. He found the idea interesting and so we prepared a proposal. We submitted the proposal and almost immediately we got a positive reply. Clearly, they were accepting everything! We were not very happy with this but we started working on the article. A few days ago, I received the reviews of the article. One reviewer propted us to make the article «more transparent and more crisp»! I know about crisp potatoes and about transparent processes but it was the first time someone suggested to write a crisp and trasparent article.The second reviewer gave the follwoing overview of our article:

The chapter discusses about an interesting issue, but lacks to have clarity and coherence of the whole paper that could make an interesting read to the audience. More examples on every points discussed under the background section and the related discussions could be moved on to other sections to ensure the thoroughness of presentation.

After this I decided to give up! Moreover, I it was crystal clear that IGI Global sucks big time! It is one think to read a critic of your work and another to read bullshit about your work. Friendly advise: Ignore these people. There are many other serious publishers out there!


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