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Best Practices in (computer) Education

Posted in Επιστήμη, Πληροφορική by asyropoulos on 23 Απριλίου, 2015

Every year there is a competition about best practices in (computer) education. This competition has a prize of EUR 5,000.00, funded through a Microsoft grant. Obviously, such a competition is doomed  to promote things that are do not harm Microsoft’s image in any way. For example, how can one propose the use of, say, Ubuntu Linux as an educational environment in a competition founded by Microsoft?  In addition, I have noticed that all awards go to University people who have nothing to do with high school education. How can one propose something that cannot be tested in classrooms? In most cases, schools have to follow curricula that are imposed my the ministry of education. Therefore, schools do not have any flexibility to follow different ideas and/or methodologies.


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