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Is the Pestalozzi Program a Lottery?

Posted in «Αθλητισμός», Διάφορα, Παιδεία by asyropoulos on 31 Μαρτίου, 2015

This year I applied to participate in a «training event» of the Pestalozzi Program. Applicants had to fill in an on-line form. The form had various fields including one’s education and some optional fields about the way one intends to contribute to the program. I did not read carefully enough the «call for applications» posted by the Greek Ministry of Education so I was not aware of an important detail. When the results of the national selection procedure were published I was surprised because they did not explain the reason why my application was rejected. I sent them an e-mail asking for an explanation. They called me back and they told me that my application was not rejected but rather they drew lots to see which applications should be selected! Interestingly, the people of the Pestalozzi Program sent me the following email:


So «considered carefully» means draw lots?  Go Europe, go!


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