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Oxymora in Greek Education

Posted in Παιδεία, Πληροφορική by asyropoulos on 13 Ιουλίου, 2013

Recently, the Greek government under pressure from the so-called Troika had initially decided to practically fire a great number of informatics teachers in secondary education.   On second thought, the Greek government for purely legal reasons decided not to fire informatics teachers but some others who serve in vocational education. Either way the plan is to get rid of informatics teachers. It seems to me that this clearly shows the lack of vision for education in Greece. A country who is  literally in a deep shot, needs all those people that can innovate and create jobs etc. The country does not need lawyers philologists, etc., it does need who are knowledgeable in practical matters. Thus, people should learn how to use computers and the more skilled students should learn how to program computers. Thus, the question is very simple: By firing informatics teachers what will be the benefit of Greek education in the short and the long run?


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