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Do not use DHL: They stink!

Posted in Διάφορα by asyropoulos on 3 Οκτωβρίου, 2012

Recently, I bought two DVD box-sets from amazon.ca. Although I have asked them to dispatch the box-sets via Canada Post, they have opted to send me via DHL. Since the DVDs cost more than 40 USD, I was expecting to pay some customs or import duties but not what DHL Greece was expecting me to pay! While all carriers deliver the package and ask recipients to pay the customs or import duties, DHL Greece ask recipients to hire a customs officer that will do all the paperwork so to levy the duties. In general, this costs 100 to 200 € which is a prohibitive amount of money when the goods purchased cost 70 USD. Now, if the same package would have been posted via Canada Post, the total duties would be less than 20 €,  which means that somehow DHL has found an «easy» way to give money to customs clears. In order to solve this problem, I contacted amazon.ca and I explained to them what the problem is. In the end, I had refused the package and amazon.ca promised a full refund. The morale of this story? Do not use DHL under any circumstances.