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OpenSolaris/OpenIndiana: Installing legacy nVIDIA drivers

Posted in OpenSolaris by asyropoulos on 18 Απριλίου, 2010

Here are the steps one must follow in order to install the legacy nVIDIA drivers in a system with an old nVIDIA card but a very recent version of OpenSolaris:

$ pfexec beadm list
$ pfexec beadm create osol-134-nvidia
$ pfexec beadm mount osol-134-nvidia /mnt
$ pfexec pkg -R /mnt uninstall -r driver/graphics/nvidia

When using a recent version of OpenIndiana, the last command of the previous list of commands must be replaced with the command

$ pfexec pkg uninstall driver/graphics/nvidia xorg-video

The commands that follow complete the installation of the legacy driver.

$ pfexec /bin/sh NVIDIA-Solaris-x86-96.43.16.run --extract-only
$ cd NVIDIA-Solaris-x86-96.43.16
$ pfexec pkgadd -R /mnt -d . NVDAgraphics NVDAgraphicsr
$ pfexec bootadm update-archive -R /mnt
$ pfexec beadm unmount -f osol-134-nvidia
$ pfexec beadm activate osol-134-nvidia
$ pfexec reboot -p

Note that the version of the legacy driver depends on one’s hardware.

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  1. Rodriguez said, on 2 Ιουνίου, 2010 at 1:35 μμ

    Είσαι καταπληκτικός!!!!
    Ευχαριστώ πολύ.


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