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OpenSolaris: Backing up DVDs

Posted in OpenSolaris by asyropoulos on 18 Απριλίου, 2010

I buy a lot of DVDs since I do prefer to watch moview and TV shows on my TV set. However, I prefer not to view the original DVDs in order to keep them with no scratches. To do this I need to back up them. For this I use vobcopy (you can get binaries from www.sunfreepacks.com) and DVDShrink (this is not the official site of the software!) with wine. Once you have installed vobcopy and wine, you can install DVDShrink by entering the command

$wine dvdshrink32setup.exe

Here is what you should do in order to «rip» a DVD:

  1. Insert your DVD to your DVD drive and enter the comand:
    $ vobcopy -i /media/NAME_OF_DVD -I

    to see  that vobcopy works.

  2. «Rip» the DVD with the command
    $vobcopy -i /media/NAME_OF_DVD -m -o /destination/folder
  3. Start up DVDShrink and choose the /destination/folder and create shrinked copy of the DVD.
  4. Burn the resulting image (I assume you have asked DVDShrink to create a DVD image file).

That’s all!

PS It is now possible to use backlite, a Qt only version of k9copy. The packages (i.e., backlite and Qt)  will be available from sunfreepacks really soon.


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