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A better tomorrow for a pity blogger

Posted in «Αθλητισμός» by asyropoulos on 5 Φεβρουαρίου, 2009

Assume that  Catherine lives in a country where everything is wrong. A country inhabited by rude and uneducated people. A country that is not secure for  Catherine. A country with very low standards and very high prices. I am sure  that  Catherine would leave the country immediately after she had discovered in what slamhole she was living. If  Catherine insists on staying in this country, then there is something seriously wrong with her. Of course, no matter how bad this country is, no one expects that its  inhabitants would live the country simply because it is  their homeland.

Now there is this blogger (Kat)  who lives in Greece.  She is not happy with her life here. Everything stinks in this stinky country. Although she can leave this stinky country, still she stays here and suffers! It seems that she is not leaving because life forced her to make some really bad choices. OK you are confused as I am: she can leave the country but at the same time she cannot leave the country! Do not panic! She has an explanation for everything: she is like the Greeks (remember the stinky people) who had immigrated to other countries not because they wanted but because they were forced to do so.  What a pity! I repeat: what a pity! Our dear blogger is trapped in this stinky country. Fortunately, the Greeks who happen to be citizens of a EU nation can leave the country and immigrate to other EU countries,  but she cannot. What a pity!

I cannot stand to see our dear blogger to live in this slamhole anymore. Therefore, I have decided to start a campaign to raise money in order to help her to leave this slamhole. Everyone who wants a better tomorrow for our dear blogger is very welcome to help in any possible way!  Please contact me and I will gladly explain my plan to help our blogger to leave the country. In case there are more people who want to leave but cannot, then we can help them too!

PS Although our dear blogger suffers in this stinky country she does not forget to remind us that we citizens of this stinky country cannot freely visit her disneyland. First of all let me remind her that the average person of this country has no intention to visit her disneyland. There are other better places to go. Personally, I was invited to visit her disneyland, but I had refused to do so because of the  humiliating process one must go through in order to visit the worst disneyland in the world! Second, the inclusion of a country in the visa waiver program of another country is not a trophy as was correctly pointed out by a poster. It is the result of a mutual agreement and understanding of two parties. But it is possible to see mutual agreements between paradise and a slamhole? Third, I am sure that if the embassy of her country in this country would stop issuing visas and, thus, refraining people of this country from visiting her county, they could do a really great favor to this country! Last, I’am just wondering whether there is  any chance for the blogger’s fellow citizens that live in the big island of Crete to accompany her when she will leave the country.

PPS The funny thing is that now we can freely visit her country and I am absolutely sure she is  completely disappointed with this development.

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