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Europe deserves a better presidency!

Posted in «Αθλητισμός» by asyropoulos on 6 Ιανουαρίου, 2009

Recently, I read the following shocking statement made by the Czech «EU presidency» spokesman Jiri Potuznik regarding the invasion of Israel into the Gaza Strip: «At the moment, from the perspective of the last days, we understand this step as a defensive, not offensive, action.» Unfortunately, Karel Schwarzenberg, the minister of foreign affairs of the Czech «EU presidency,» thought that he was talking to idiots when he declared that «The statement from him yesterday was a misunderstanding.»  The statement was crystal clear and the Czech republic has a deep problem regarding its position in Europe.  Here is what  the New York Times (a paper that I do not respect) had to say about the Czech presidency:

Now the Czech Republic is about to assume the rotating presidency of the European Union and there is palpable fear that Mr. Klaus will embarrass the world’s biggest trading bloc and complicate its efforts to address the economic crisis and expand its powers. His role in the Czech Republic is largely ceremonial, but he remains a powerful force here, has devotees throughout Europe and delights in basking in the spotlight.

Undeniably, this is remark that unfortunately reflects the reality.  For me the best thing the Czech should do is to resign from the EU presidency and hand it over either to the next country or to France. The Czechs have nothing to offer to Europe. In fact, it should be far better for both partries  if the Czechs  drop out from the EU. As an alternative. they can form a new union with Sweden, the UK, Turkey, Danmark, Poland and the USA with Mr.  George W. Bush as president of their own commission.


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