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On double standards

Posted in Πολιτικά by asyropoulos on 28 Ιουλίου, 2008

All over FYROM one can see maps of a greater `Macedonia’ just like the one in the picture below

In this map, the Greek province of Macedonia is depicted as part of another state. However, American officials, who strongly support the admission of this country to NATO, find nothing wrong in this and similar maps. Interestingly, when the Swedish vodka Absolut launched an advertising campaign in Mexico using the following image

U.S. media complained about it to the vodka distillers, which, in the end, ceased the campaign. Clearly, this yet another proof of double standards in the U.S. foreign policy. Hopefully, the end of cowboy politics is near…

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  1. Amerikanaki said, on 28 Ιουλίου, 2008 at 10:43 πμ

    Most Americans could not care less about your Macedonia issue because we have bigger fish to fry like Russia and China. Plus, the Vodka ad may have angered a few emotionally immature Americans. Most, again, have jobs, and lives to lead without dealing in such matters.

  2. asyropoulos said, on 28 Ιουλίου, 2008 at 11:26 πμ

    Most, again, have jobs, and lives to lead without dealing in such matters.

    Having a job and a life to live does not imply that one should not be interested in other matters. After all, many U.S. citizens protest against the war in Iraq and millions have protested against the war in Vietnam. I guess all these people have/had jobs, families and lives to live.

  3. IOANNIS said, on 6 Φεβρουαρίου, 2009 at 4:30 μμ

    Mr. Syropoulos you are correct!! These Americans are so hypocrites..


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