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Greece Moves Forward To the Past of Informatics

Posted in Πολιτικά by asyropoulos on 28 Ιανουαρίου, 2008

Today is a really sad day for Open Minded people living in Greece. The Greek PM Costas Karamanlis has met with Bill Gates, chairman of Microsoft Corporation, on the occasion of the inauguration of Microsoft’s Innovation Center in Athens. During the event the Greek Finance Minister said that the center was part of the Greek state’s collaboration with Microsoft in the framework of the government’s digital strategy. In addition, he dared to say that the center would function as an «incubator» for new software applications which, if proved effective, could be disseminated throughout the world. In different words, Greek officials are so naive to believe that this center will create new important software tools, which will be sold to the rest of the world and since the Greek State is part of this joke it will get its share of the deals.

Unfortunately, the Greek Minister is living in another planet, since he obviously have no idea what is going on in the real world. The creation of a center will never make this country an important country in the world of informatics. India has made no such deals with any company, yet it has a vast and growing informatics industry. Why? Simply because they have invested in education. On the other hand, the educational system in Greece stinks, which, when combined with the general corruption explains why Greece is in such a bad situation. Also, the Finance Minister should not forget that Microsoft is a corporation and not some sort of charity organization. But I am sure that in the event that something like a new Java will be designed in this center, the «Developers, developers» dancing monkey will not allow the Greek State to claim a share in the triumph and most important in the money the may make by selling it. Last, but certainly not least, the center will serve as a stepping stone for young gifted Greeks willing to leave the country and work for big mama. Thus, helping the brain drain of the few talented computer specialists of this country.

The sad thing is that the Greek PM and his Finance Minister are not alone there where they live! The leader of the major opposition party has not expressed any concerns about this deal and so it seems most politicians here in Greece are in some state of hypnosis.

When they will wake up it will be too late.


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