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Congratulations Canada!

Posted in Πολιτικά by asyropoulos on 23 Σεπτεμβρίου, 2007

According to Reuters the government of Canada has officially recognized the Former Yugoslavian Rebublic of «Macedonia» with its constitutional name. This is  a very sad development as it may affect the stability in the Balkan Peninsula. The so-called Former Yugoslavian Republic of «Macedonia» (or FYROM for short)  is not officially recognized by Greece with its constitutional name (i.e., Republic of Macedonia) mainly because Greeks correctly believe the name denotes a geographic area, which was inhabited by Macedonians, an ancient Greek tribe.  Note that Modern residents of this country are mostly of Albanian origin and 35%-40%  of the people are of Slavic origin. Now, of course Greeks  are not against the existence of this state. On the contrary, Greeks just demand that this country change its name as to be clear that there is no relation between (Slavo-)Macedonia (the modern state) and Macedonia (the ancient geographic area inhabited by a Greek tribe). Unfortunately, most people do not understand the Greek thesis, simply because they haven’t faced similar problems. There  are some counter-arguments like one is free to call himself whatever he/she likes, but it is easy to talk about others problems when you do not have similar problems. People with a happy marriage can give cool advice about a divorce, but if for some reason they have to break up with their partners they simply forget the cool advice they gave to others.

It is good practice to leave nations to solve their problems with talks without any interference. Thus, it would be far better if nations accepted that Greece and FYROM are in the process to solve their problems with negotiations. Unfortunately, countries that have recognized FYROM with its constitutional name for reasons no one can imagine (e.g., Canada has recognized FYROM with its constitutional name merely because the ruling party is looking after the votes of the Canadian citizens of Slavomacedonian origin), simply jeopardize the negotiations. If Greece, or any other nation, would put forth the idea that Iran is doing the right thing, almost all leaders would consider this act as a wrongdoing. So, Greece has every right to consider what Canada has just done is a wrongdoing. Interestingly enough, it is obvious that Canada has never pushed Turkey to withdraw its 30000 troops from northern Cyprus! Double standards? Absolutely! Of course I am not naive to believe that there is international justice. Unfortunately, that is why Al-Qaeda recruits so easily «soldiers» and that is why the Western world lives in the fear of terrorism.

Respect or terrorism, this is the real dilemma!


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